A Strategic Final Spring Break

The Final Spring BreakSunset in Navarre, Florida

It’s hard to believe that this is my last spring break (ever!) before I enter the workforce. Spring break always comes at the most-needed time to me; we’re in the heat of our coursework and need a moment to catch our breath before finishing the semester strong. I’m trying to see the silver lining by thinking about how I also won’t have another week-before-spring-break kind of week filled to the brink with tests and papers due.

Since I’m from Virginia, in years past I’ve taken the opportunity to visit my family over spring break. My freshman year we took a trip to ski in Utah, which was incredible, and since then I’ve always gone home to relax and spend time with my family and friends.

This year is different. There is the added stress of finding a job or internship, as well as the emotional aspect of the last opportunity to go on an adventure with all of my Auburn friends. I haven’t been home all semester, so I knew I had the goal of spending time with my family, but I also wanted to take advantage of the chance to go on a trip and make memories with my sweet friends.

One for the Books

I decided to combine the two and split my time between home and a condo in Navarre, Florida. For the first half of the week, I’ll fly home to Virginia to be with my family. For the second half, a group of my best friends and I will travel to Navarre and have some fun in the sun.

Downtown Leesburg, VirginiaHome Sweet Home

My goal for spring break is to settle my mind and enjoy the people around me. More specifically, my objective for the first half of my trip is to spend those four days catching up with my family and friends. I also hope to prepare for the end of the semester and my next chapter of life.

My strategy for my time at home is to be productive while my parents are at work. To implement this strategy, I will spend a few hours each day sprucing up my resume and applying for internships and job. I will work ahead on papers for my classes that will ease my workload when I return to Auburn. I will also devote quiet time to study my Bible and pray about the upcoming changes after graduation. When my parents come home for the night or weekend, I will clear my that time to visit, cook and relax with them.

Fun in the Sun

My objective for my time at the beach is to spend three days relaxing and creating memories with my friends. It breaks my heart to think that we may never all be in the same place like this again. I want to treasure this trip and make the most of it.

I plan to enjoy my friends through time on the beach during the day and relaxing fun at night. My tactic is to spend the majority of the day Thursday, Friday and Saturday catching rays. We will cook together in the condo or go to a dinner after we’ve had enough sun and worked up an appetite. There will be plenty of board games and movies at night, as well as Bible study and prayer.

my friendsWith my friends, we can only plan to be surprised, so I am prepared to be flexible and go with the flow if things change. Even if it rains, I know we will just enjoy spending time together away from homework, jobs and future stress.

I am hoping to make this the best spring break yet and to treasure every moment. It will be a great reminder to breathe and soak up the next few weeks before I leave Auburn. I have been so blessed with loving family and friends. To me, that is the most precious way to spend free time, diving deeper into those relationships and re-focusing on my walk with the Lord.

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